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About Sports Remedial

Sports Remedial offers deep tissue massage for the treatment of sporting and physical injuries as well as bad back, muscle damage, whiplash and any trauma related issues.

About Me

My name is Sharon Boulter and I am a very experienced Bodyworks Practitioner, qualified to diagnose and treat most common muscle-related problems such as sprains, strains, muscle aches and skeletal alignments.

I have years experience treating a wide variety of clients not only from a sporting background, but also office workers, labourers, people with physical disabilities and the elderly. I am a friendly and outgoing person, sympathetic to my clients’ needs and each treatment is tailored to suit the needs of the individual.

What kind of problems do I treat?

Sports People

Common problems for professional and amateur sports people from amateur running, rugby, golf, football, cycling, volley ball and racket sports of all kinds include:

  • Tight legs needing regular maintenance rejuvenating and advice on injury prevention
  • Shoulder impingement, tennis elbow
  • Tight arms where grip is used
  • Trauma from impact rugby type injuries

Non-sports People

You don’t have to be an athlete to pick up an injury and I see many clients who’ve been at their desk for seven hours - 5 days a week! Frequent issues for professional people include:

  • Office workers typical neck and shoulders and repetitive strain issues
  • Labourers with all types of muscles aches and pains

It doesn’t matter what your background is most people will suffer some sort or repetitive strain on the body be it upper back or lower back, or neck/shoulders. Some of my clients suffer from chronic headaches, my treatments will certainly ease and in some cases get rid of most headaches.

The Elderly

Many problems that affect us all as we get older can be sympathetically treated using all of my therapeutic abilities listed under my therapies section. These include:

  • Arthritic changes and muscle tension related to this type of ailment
  • Stiffness due to not being as mobile or loss of confidence in using your body,
  • Postural changes with regular therapy and maintenance, I can help manage and/or correct issues.

As well as bad back and muscle damage the work I perform can also be beneficial to those who suffer stress and stress related symptoms, massage and or craniosacral therapy. I also practice visceral manipulation and in my opinion working at an internal level will definitely help put you in a better place.

Is this the correct treatment for me?

If you are unsure about whether this is the right treatment for your problem, please get in touch with me and I will be happy to advise you on the best way forward. Contact me by email at: or by telephone on: 01235 818976 or 07711 342316.

Sharon Boulter IIST IIHHT FTST MDip

Sharon Boulter IIST IIHHT FTST MDip