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About Sports Remedial


Thank-you for taking the time to visit my site. My name is Sharon Boulter, I am a friendly and outgoing individual. I am sympathetic to my clients needs and I always ensure that I place their needs first. My job title is Bodyworks Practitioner; in simple terms means that I am qualified to diagnose and treat most common body related problems. i.e. Sprains, strains, muscle aches and skeletal alignments.

I have 14 years worth of experience, dealing with a wide variety of clients on a daily basis. For instance treating professional sporting individuals, runners, rugby players and a variety of racquet sports people. Each treatment I engage in is tailored to suit the needs of the individual.

These treatments are not only for those enjoying sport and fitness, almost anyone can receive the type of therapy that I can provide. I gladly welcome people from non-sporting backgrounds and quite a few of my clients range from office workers, labourers, people with physical disabilities, the elderly and retired. Aswell as bad back and muscle damage the work I perform can also be particularly beneficial to those who suffer stress and stress related symptoms.

Sharon Boulter IIST IIHHT FTST MDip